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What is Broadwayverse?
Broadwayverse is an interactive competition inspired by communities like whedonland and jjverse. Members are sorted into teams and then participate in games and challenges, such as writing fic, making graphics, and solving puzzles. Some of the challenges involve skill, but most of them are participation and/or luck based, so everyone and anyone can join in the fun. Points are awarded at the end of each challenge, and the team with the highest number of points at the end of the phase, wins.

The two Broadwayverse teams are Team Ensemble and Team Understudy.

Do I need to have seen a lot of Broadway shows in New York to join?
Not at all! This community encompasses Broadway, Off-Broadway, West End, Touring, and Regional shows, as well as movie musicals. It may be more fun for you to be into more than one or two shows, but it's not necessary. All theatre fans are encouraged to join.

Do I have to wait for the beginning of a phase to join?
Nope! Just jump in and apply for a team at any time.

I joined, now what?
After joining your team, take a moment to browse your team's community. If there's an introduction post, introduce yourself to your team. If you're ready to join in on challenges right away, located in the sidebar you will always find the Open Challenges list to see what challenges are currently running.

While not required, it is a good idea to track broadwayverse and/or your team community so you are able to be notified via e-mail when a new post goes up.

How do I enter a challenge?
To enter a challenge (unless otherwise directed in the Challenge Post), leave a comment with your entry at the Challenge Post. Comments are often screened, so you may not see any other entries.

What is expected of me?
You are encouraged to enter any and all challenges you can. At the bare minimum, however, you should enter at least one challenge every week. After a week of non-participation, you will receive a reminder and be placed in limbo. If you do not participate within one week after being placed in limbo, you will be cut. You may return to the game if you wish, but you must reapply for a team.

I need to be gone for a week or more, but I don't want to leave the game. What do I do?
If you need to be absent from the game for a week or more, please use the [Bad username:]Page-a-Mod</a> post to let me know in advance. You'll be placed on hiatus, which removes the participation requirement, and you'll remain on the same team when you return.

What do I do If I have a question about a particular challenge?
For the first comment to every challenge, I always leave a Questions thread. Ask any questions there and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

How do I get in touch with you if I have a general question/problem/suggestion or otherwise need your help ASAP?
If you have a general question, comment, or problem, please leave a comment at the Page-a-Mod post. Your comment will be screened in case your comment is sensitive. I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Am I allowed to post at broadwayverse? How about my team's community?
The only person who may post at broadwayverse is me, (aka Anna, aka bananners). Anyone can post at your team's community -- in fact, we encourage it! Challenge reminders, team cheering, games, etc., go right ahead!

Am I allowed to use audience recorded materials in the challenges?
Sometimes. Pictures taken before the show, after the show, or during curtain call are okay. Anything captured during the show itself is not allowed. Exceptions may be made for specific challenges; in those cases, the exception will be noted in the Additional Info at the Challenge Post.

I am not the best writer / graphics person. Does that matter?
Not at all! While there is occasionally voting, participation is what's most important! It's the effort that counts above all, so jump right in! You'll find most people here are just "winging it" for fun. :)

What are those images everyone is using with their challenge entries?
Those are tag banners. Tag banners must 300x150, must have your name (real or username) and team name, and must include a Broadway-related image. Using a tag banner with your challenge entry earns you one bonus point. To get the point, your tag banner must be used the first time you post to enter a challenge, not edited in later.

What do I do if I have to leave the competition?
If you have to leave the competition for any reason, please head over to the Page-a-Mod Post and drop me a line. You are free to re-join again at any time.

* * *

Original FAQ by outoftime and likealight for jjverse.
Modifications for broadwayverse by bananners.
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