Anna (bananners) wrote in broadwayverse,

Mod Post: Are you in the game?

Are you in the game?

If you're reading this post on your friends list but you can't see this post, then you're not in the game with us! We'd love to have you join in the fun, so head over to the application post to be sorted into a team. Once you're in, you can participate in all the challenges we've got going here. Phase Two starts on Monday, September 27th, so now is the perfect time to join. :)

If you're not interested in playing, you won't see any other posts to the community as they are all locked, so you can go ahead and remove us from your watch list. Thanks!

(Apologies to members who are seeing this twice. I had the security set to 'members only' which sort of defeated the purpose of the post.)
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